In Memory

Brent McGee

Always a wonderful horn player!  I understand Brent suffered from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. I haven't any details regarding his passing.  Matt White


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02/07/15 11:50 PM #1    

Ted Blanchard

At our 30th reunion I was able to resurrect our old dance band.  As always, Brent played the lead trumpet and we had a blast playing a few numbers.  About a year later I tried to check in on him to see how he was doing and his wife told me he had passed away about six months after the reunion.  She also mentioned that one of the best things to happen to him in the previous few years was getting the call from me to play with the band. 

I played the trumpet beginning in the 5th grade and when I got to Olympus Jr. High, I met Brent.  He was the best trumpet player I ever knew and I couldn't ever beat him in challenges for first chair (of course he practiced a lot more than I did and took private lessons).  So, at the suggestion of Mr. Don Peterson, the band and orchestra teacher at Olympus Jr. (and 1st chair french hornist with the Utah Symphony), I switched to french horn.  As I recall, he and I and Robert Shupe played "Buglers' Holiday" at one of the jr. high's talent contests.  Over the years I have had fond memories of Brent and his terrific talent.  I  miss him.

Ted Blanchard

02/08/15 10:53 PM #2    

Matt White

I was asked to play in that old dance band with Brent and Ted and others at the reunion.  It was great to play once again with these great old friends.  Who can forget Brent getting inspired and launching off on a solo rift?  He was in heaven and the crowd enthusiastically clapped along!  Brent was having a ball and it was great fun watching him go off and jam his usual best.

One of my early on memories of Brent and his talent came when he was asked to perform a triple tongue technique for the band by Mr. Peterson.  He performed it flawlessly.  Always impressive was his ability to beautifully play anything put in front of him.  He was featured in many lead solos.  Brent was a brilliant student and a great friend.  He always considered the feelings of others.  Very kind and  considerate.  Wonderful memories of a great person.  I miss you Brent.

Matt White 

02/09/15 04:55 PM #3    

Teddy Newsom

Brent and I were neighbors and I remember him practicing his trumpet after school while I was practicing the organ.  Our neighborhood was filled with great music.  I am sorry to hear of his passing.

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