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Do you want to have a simple, easy get-together?

  Comments, please email to the contact link.


•   Val Belnap  2/6
•   Douglas Bruce Beckstead  2/7
•   Ron Ross  2/8
•   Mike Nelson  2/10
•   Kenneth Omer  2/13
•   Brian Carlson  2/15
•   Talmage Ball  2/17
•   Sandra Putnam (Gillings)  2/18
•   Robert Shoop  2/18
•   Cathie Johnsen (Derbidge)  2/22
•   Sharon Hales (Rhodes)  2/28
•   Robyn Carter (Keller)  3/2
•   Dale H. Jr Ballard  3/6


•   Barry B. Preator  2/1
•   Bruce L Hunt  11/29
•   Ron Reed  11/29
•   Gary Lofgren  11/28
•   Stanley Hansen  9/4
•   Fred Champneys  6/20
•   Dan Handley  4/1
•   Peter Robbins  1/31
•   Brent Colton (Colton)  1/28
•   Susan Stevenson (Burker)  1/27
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Well, it's August 23, 2022.  It seems a few of you are still interested in our 65 year alumni?

It's been murmered by some that we might want to do a totally relaxing get together, no fancy stuff, just see who comes.  If it's only one or two, then those two are happy.

Our lives are very challenging, some more than others.  Some are AWESOME, traveling and enjoying themselves.  Where are you?

So we are are putting out to you who read the emails, for feedback about getting something simple organized.

If so.  Then we'll do it.

Sorry about all the advertising that flashes when you login, yes, it's irriitating, but the way the web is set up, that's the free part.  If we were to contact the web people, and stop the advertising, there will be a fee.

Those years at Olympus were fond for me, and I think a lot of you too.  Memories are lasting.

So, there will be a poll to see how you feel.


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