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•   Roger Day  9/29
•   Marilyn Gowans (Harmon)  10/3
•   LaRene Andrus (Adams)  10/5
•   Jim A. Eberhardt  10/6
•   Steven Affleck  10/9
•   Vauna Liljenquist (Cromwell)  10/10
•   Vicki Gray (Boone)  10/11
•   Julie Burdick (Moffat)  10/13
•   Dan Dykstra  10/13
•   Nancy Moyle (Kilfoyle)  10/13
•   Dan Handley  10/14
•   James Warburton  10/14
•   Deon Ostermiller (Burton)  10/15
•   Cindy Conely (Garn)  10/16
•   Bev Transue (Ekker)  10/17
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•   Sharon Mosier (McBride)  2021
•   Charles "Chuck" Hogan  2023
•   Steve Gibbs  2023
•   Janice Pihl (Rowland)  2022
•   Donald E. Pugh  2022
•   Tony Reigger  2015
•   Brent R. Larsen  2016
•   Alan LeMon  2006
•   Douglas Bentley  1988
•   Marti Crieder (Peart)  2014
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•   David Larsen  7/11
•   Fred Champneys  5/12
•   Brian Dixon  5/3
•   Jolene (Jodi) Adams (Thomas)  5/3
•   Nancy Moyle (Kilfoyle)  4/26
•   Ken Kohler  4/22
•   Robert Christenson  4/20
•   Kent Pedersen  2/25
•   Barry B. Preator  2/1
•   Bruce L Hunt  11/29
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 40.6%

A:   214   Joined
B:   313   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

What a great weekend.  We had a great time at the Olympus Meet and Greet on Saturday.  We had a better turn out than we expected.  Everyone enjoyed seeing  and talking with each other.  We even presented,as entertainment a surprise Water Fall, flowing of the edge of the patio.  We will be putting together some pictures of the event as soon as we collelct them. So stop buy later, we haven't received the pictures yet.  If you were there and took pictures, please contact Brian, Jane or Jodi.

To all of those who attended, we thank you and appreciate your support and continued interest in your fellow classsmates.

There have been requests, that we have another one in two years.  So watch for updates on that.

Thanks to Brian, Jane & Jodi for putting this together.  Also to those who provided the food.  Thanks to Fred for bringing his huge speakers.

We will be sending out a couple of surveys, if you would be so kind to fill them out, that will give us some feedback for future planning and what you want to see on the web page.