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Russell "Russ" Harris

Vietnam Casualty File Summary:  First Lieutenant Russell Lee Harris from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Service number 05350692, Infantry Unit Commander Army with the 9th Infantry Division, B Co 6th Battalion, 31st Infantry.  government archival records show as a casualty on 2/11/1969 in South Vietnam.

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02/07/15 11:57 PM #1    

Ted Blanchard

Russ was on the cheerleading squad with Fred Christiansen, Ken Crocheron, and myself.  We had a great time cheering together.  I was really shocked when I heard that he had been killed in Viet Nam.  My draft number was 12 but I was fortunate enough to be able to delay entering active duty until 1972.  By then the war was winding down and I never faced combat.

Miss you, Russ.  I have seen his name on the Viet Nam War Memorial - Panel 32 West, Row 14.



Ted Blanchard

04/29/15 06:35 AM #2    

Craig Russell

05/30/15 06:18 AM #3    

Craig Russell

Memorial Park Cemetery, Lawrence, Kansas -- Plot Information:  Section Acacia D, Lot 17, Grave 1

The abbreviations at the bottom of the grave marker stand for the following:

Silver Star, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster (Two awards), Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal and Purple Heart.  This varies from the above obituary which is in error.  The information on this marker is comfirmed by his actual service records.

He was survived by his parents Stanley and Shirley Harris and siblings, Cheryl, Bryan and Stanley Jr,

His parents have since passed away in 2004 mother and 2010 father. 

06/27/15 06:38 AM #4    

Craig Russell

Two of Russ' siblings:  Brian and Cheryl.  Picture taken in Lawrence, Kansas 18 June 2015


1/Lt Russ Harris with his best friend, 1/Lt Rocky Blacker.  Rocky also escorted Russ' body back to Lawrence, Kansas.  He named his eldest son Russell after Russell Lee Harris.  Rocky served three tours in Vietnam earning two silver stars, seven bronze stars, three purple hearts and others.  Ended up staying in the Army for 22 years.  Russell was not drafted but joined the Army.  He and Rocky had signed up for a second tour in Vietnam about a month prior to Russ being killed.

         Below is a portrait of Russell Blacker, the eldest son of Rocky Blacker mentioned above.  

08/15/15 10:58 AM #5    

Craig D. Emery

Russ and I were friends and he lived accross the street for the entire time he was in Utah. I was devisdated and shocked when I heard he had died in nam. I was lucky my lottery number was in the high 200s and I did not have to serve. Russ was my best friend growing up and I miss him to this day.  Craig Emery

07/05/17 06:33 PM #6    

Randell VanNess

Russ was my neighbor in Holladay during High School and we used to pole vault in his back yard..  We both went to Viet Nam in April 68 right after the big Tet Offensive, a major offensive of the Viet Cong.  I went to central south Viet Nam in Nha Trang along the coast, while Russ was stationed further south.  It was a real eye opener to read of his death.  When you are this young and very nieve you don't necessarily understand the seriousness of the situation. I always felt safe but later learned of the raid on the club we would frequent when off duty.  Unfortunately Russ endured the ultimate the sacrifice.  My heart goes out to his parents.  I remember when I was in line to board my flight to Viet Nam, my father, a retired soldier, seemed very sad while I was looking forward to adventure!  That's one reason the young are drafted.


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